Once more, we approach the time of year when RetroChallenge takes over for a whole month… but what project to do this time around? It’s hellishly busy at work at the moment, so that will probably colour my choice of project.

I have a few old project ideas that I will be weighing up:

  1. Indigo Tendencies
    This is too similar to my last RetroChallenge project, so perhaps stow this one for now.
  2. Galaxy Pressed
    Unlikely to be enough time to even source the hardware for this one, but…
  3. I’m also tempted to try mucking around with a 1990 Motorola 68hc11 EVBU board, re-learning 68hc11 assembly and embedded microcontrollers and interfacing (which might at some future point lead to a resurrection of the aborted Fraggle Jock project, but that’s a whole other story).
    These Motorola evaluation boards still crop up for sale even now, so this might be on.
  4. BASIC Distinct
    Going back to my first ever programming language…
  5. And Finally: to write-up a 15-year personal computer-storage journey: a story of dead-ends, frustration, mystery, incredible feats (for the time), utter misfortune, incredible good luck, and a happy ending. What more could you want?

I’m hoping that these are all suitably useless, whimsical and unproductive… but which one to do?

Watch this space… and pray!