WattsUp: Cowardice

The main power cable is done, but it was way more effort than I expected. Even with *two* AWG-18 Molex-style ratchet crimp tools, it’s still not as easy as it looks – when you have two wires needing to to connect to the same receptacle pin, you have to be very careful and lucky, otherwise it all goes sideways and messed-up, and wouldn’t hold together if you sneezed on it.

Starting from:
we now have:

I used an intermediate 20-pin plug/socket to localise the “cross-over” wiring, and because due to siting the new PSU in a drive bay, the whole cable needs to be longer than the original SS10 mainboard PSU cable-harness.

So does it work? I don’t know! I’m kinda nervous of trying it out, in case all the magic smoke escapes. Let’s have a beer first…20150111_184120

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