Watts Up – Episode 5: The Times They Are A-Crimping

As noted in the previous article, the NV1 soft-on/soft-off control circuit is going to need an external adaptor circuit to interface to the SPARCstation-10, but *the good news* is that the main power signals need nothing more than a simple wiring job: mapping the 5V/12V/-12V pins from the NV1 24-pin ATX-style connector to the corresponding pins on the SS10 connector.

On the SS10 side, I can use the plug from the original APS-39 PSU harness; on the NV1 side, a standard 24-pin ATX plug is needed.

Where’s Wally?
There be some crimping to do… yesterday I discovered I had misplaced the ATX crimp-pins I bought a while back – shucks! After scouring the house – drawers, top of the cupboards, coat pockets, trouser-pockets (some of them in drawers), breakfast bar (under all the paperwork and detrious), the wall-high video rack, boxes of miscellaneous computer bits, under the bed, and file-boxes and even in-between the books on the bookshelf – no joy.

Today it turns out that I had not left them at work either. Tonight, after more rummaging, I stumbled across them in-amongst the stock of christmas cards on the top shelf… strange how things always turn up in the *last* place you look.20150105_202701

Summary: the Wally is currently sitting in front of the computer, writing *this* 🙂

Crimping ATX-style connectors using just needlenose pliers and a collection of jewellers screwdrivers (to “poke down” the uncurled bits) is dreadfully slow and error-prone. After a couple of hours, I have not even (quite) got one third of the way through crimpfest.

Tommorrow I am going shopping for a proper 18AWG crimp tool…

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