RC2014WW Project – The Game is Afoot

Today was fruitless, trying to find an affordable and usable donor PSU to build a new custom replacement PSU for a SPARCstation-10. Farnell, RS Components, Sparkle, http://www.minipc.de, picoPSU, eBay, Amazon, AliBaba, and hundreds of other places. No joy, either bad size, not able to source 21 Amps on +5V rail, require non-zero loads on 2nd +12V rail, or just too darned expensive.

So back to Plan B – to port the 1988 game NetTrek onto SPARC Solaris 2.6 and set up a multi-system multiplayer game (might need my partners’ help as the second player). According to Wikipedia, there are still a few NetTrek games being played on the Internet, so I will also try to find one and join in.

Of course, if time and opportunity permits, the SS10 PSU task might also feature…

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