RC2013SG – The Starting Point

As my entry for RetroChallenge is to finish a kinda sorta started project, I guess I had better document the starting position:



Basically, I have the PLCC socket in place, and the 8MHz crystal oscillator, and its’ phase-shift and load circuits; and a couple of the 10K resistor packs needed to pull-up all the many unused signals lines of the 68HC11.

The biggest nightmare of this project is that the majority of the hardware is going to have to be done “blind” – I will have to add the LVI/watchdog chip, the reset circuit, the power input circuit, the serial interface, and all the pullups, all before I can even test whether the microntroller actually lives. There is a lot that can go wrong befopre I know whether I have a live or dead 68HC11!

Those modern-day AVR/RasPi/SimmStick hackers have it waaaaay too easy!

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