RC2013SG – Gatherings

So, it comes to that time of year when the next bout of retrocomputing whimsy takes over for one month.

Back in February, I started obtaining components for the Fraggle Jock project, some components were purchased online, some were salvaged from miscellaneous broken electronic gadgets, and a very few were already sitting there in my bits-box. It took almost two months to collect everything needed. I even managed to solder a couple of them together before getting distracted and abandoning it…

So my entry for RC2013SG is to complete the Fraggle Jock project and build a working “StickyMouse” device.

The Bits



The black square PLCC is a Motorola (now Freescale) 68HC11F1 microcontroller from the early 1990s; and you can see a Sun SPARCstation-style mouse, a 1980s analogue PC joystick, several discrete resistors, capcitors, plug sockets, an LVI chip, a crystal oscillator, some latching switches, and a couple of tiny solderable matrix-boards to mount all the discrete components. There will be batteries and tupperware involved, too.

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