RC 2013 WW – Modular Software Complete

Project: The Sound of Violence.

The new “modular” software is finished and fully tested. This will
allow future use of the PedalBox for other computer-control purposes,
should I be able to think of any.

Thus, this project is now complete. All that is missing is a video
of the PedalBox in action…

Online Manual Pages:

  • pdlbox_avc – use an MJS PedalBox device as the system audio-volume controller
  • pdlbox – PedalBox device event monitor
  • mess – Multiple Encoded Switch State protocol
  • mess_avc – command-/event-driven audio-volume control

A binary directly-installable package for SunOS 5 (Solaris) on SPARC, and source packages, are available from

To actually build the PedalBox software from source, you will need
an ANSI C (C89, C99 or C11) compiler and the “MJSulib
C function library, from http://www.shelldozer.im/mjsulib/download.htm.

And for those of you that might be crazy enough to want to build your own pedalbox hardware device to use with this software, the following (final)
wiring diagram will be useful:

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