RC 2013 WW – Chassis Assembly – Part One

Project: The Sound of Violence.

Sorry, but it’s more woodwork today… when I told myself it would be a hardware project, this wasn’t quite what I had imagined!

By a total unexpected coincidence, the cut-off remainder of the pedal timber turned out to be *exactly* the same width as the base panel – which means I can use that cut-off as the back-panel! Here it is with the 25-pin D connector fitted:


I guess you can spot the TX/RX loopback wire!

A little pencil-marking, hand-drilling, screwing later, we have:


Electric/signalling tests are all good. It lives!

It’s still a bit flimsy, I will need to add triangular cut-to-fit side-panels to give it enough strength to tread on. After (or will it be before?) that, the pedals and their hinges need to be fitted, it looks like that will take some trial-and-error to get good clean pressing of the underlying switches…

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