SunSolve CD, part 2

Well, it turns out that updates to Solaris 2.6 were not the problem with the Sept 1998 SunSolve CD: I have tried it with a fresh virgin Solaris 2.4 installation, then with the latest S2.4 recommended patch cluster, then with a virgin S2.6 installation, then with S2.6 recommended patch cluster.

All tries were done with both my usual Yamaha CD-R/W drive, *and* a genuine Sun SunCD4 CDROM drive configured as SCSI target 6 on the primary on-board SCSI bus (the Sun “standard” config, on both a SPARCclassic and the SPARCstation-10. I also tried the virgin Solaris 2.6 on the Sun Ultra-10, using the built-in CDROM drive.

In all cases, the document-search tool fails with the error:

      fterror: 81

and the browse tool just fails with no observable error-message.

There’s definately something odd going on here, it certainly used to work, ages ago. Call it paranoia, but I’m starting to suspect that there may be a Y2K problem with the software on the CD…

If I can’t get the CD software to work, I’ll have to write my own (and that will probably mean finding a way to generate usable full-text indexes of the documents).


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