SunSolve CD, part 1

From c. 1995 through 2001, Sun snail-mailed periodic “SunSolve” CDs to customers with hardware support contracts.Image

SunSolve CDs up until 2001 contained fascinating technical articles and whitepapers, as well as Solaris patches, bug-reports, problem-resolution HOWTOs.

After 1998, the older articles and whitepapers were gradually dropped, until by the time SunSolve CD version 5.0.1 arrived, all that was left were patches for Solaris and unbundled Sun software.

Trouble is, even under Solaris 2.6, I cannot get the 1998 SunSolve CD to actually work, either in “installed” mode or in “run-from-CD” mode. I have tried on both the SS10 and the Ultra-10, even using the old Sun GX and PGX24 graphics adaptors instead of the third-party RasterFlex and Raptor-GFX ones.

The GUI comes up, but the back-end document-retrieval software does not work. Even the later web-server based 1999 edition won’t work on Solaris 2.6. The files are there, albeit compressed with an ad-hoc undocumented mechanism.

Maybe one of the later patches for S2.6 breaks the SunSolve CD software?

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