Stranger USB

A potential project for RetroChallenge:

To provide a means for a Sun SPARCstation running Solaris to use USB bulk-storage flash-memory drives.

Difficulty Rating: varies depending on method that can be used: from pretty easy, to extremely difficult, to utterly impossible.

The methods that could, in principle, be used, include:

  1. Obtain a NAS unit that can host USB flash drives, and can export them via NFS.
  2. Obtain a 50-pin-SCSI-attached device that can host USB flash drive as a SCSI target/LUN. I have never seen one of these, but there just might be one out there *somewhere*.
  3. Obtain a 16-bit PCMCIA-USB adaptor; would require writing a nexus driver for Solaris 2.6, and porting libusb, and writing a custom pcata-like disk target-driver. Very unlikely that such hardware exists: 32-bit CardBus USB adaptors are commonplace and cheap, but 16-bit PCMCIA USB adaptors I have never seen.
  4. Build a full-custom SBus card with on-board USB host controller and USB port; don’t even ask what parts whis would require, I have no real idea!

One thought on “Stranger USB

  1. I’ve been thinking about resurrecting my IPX and stumbled across your site while looking at graphic card info.

    When I read this call for USB storage, I thought you might appreciate seeing this wild SCSI to SD adapter:

    I haven’t tried it, but I’m seriously considering it.

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